Landing payloads were increased by up to 8,000 lb on the 737-800 and 737-900ER and up to 4,000 lb on the 737-600 and 737-700. [151], The 737 is operated by more than 500 airlines, flying to 1,200 destinations in 190 countries: over 4,500 are in service and at any given time there are on average 1,250 airborne worldwide. 41,000 ft./12,500 m. [3] By June 2018, around one thousand were in service: half of them with Southwest Airlines, followed by Westjet with 56 and United Airlines with 39. Production rate was 42 units per month in 2014, and was planned to reach rates of 47 units per month in 2017 and 52 units per month in 2018. It was equipped with CFM56-7 high pressure ratio engines, a glass cockpit, and upgraded interior configurations. [69] In January 2014, three 737-900ER aircraft had been configured as BBJ3 business jets for Saudi Arabian customers. [81] On December 16, 2019, Boeing announced that it would suspend production of the 737 MAX from January 2020,[82] which was resumed in May 2020. On June 4, 2008, United Airlines announced it would retire all 94 of its Classic 737 aircraft (64 737-300 and 30 737-500 aircraft), replacing them with A320 family jets taken from its Ted subsidiary, which has been shut down. [47] Airbus critiques the boeing 737 max 200 leeham news and analysis flydubai fleet boeing 737 max 8 9 details and pictures 737 max 10 seating chart vatan vtngcf org boeing 737 max 8 lot polish airlines planes. [73], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, (2019 US$ million) -700: $89.1; -800: $106.1; -900ER: $112.6. Parties of 3 or more can book adjacent seats together. [12], The proposed wing airfoil sections were based on those of the 707 and 727, but somewhat thicker; altering these sections near the nacelles achieved a substantial drag reduction at high Mach numbers. Total orders and commitments include 80 aircraft to over half a dozen customers. [167][verification needed], The 737 had the highest, cumulative orders for any airliner until surpassed by the A320 family in October 2019. Boeing launched the 737-700ER (Extended Range) on January 31, 2006, with All Nippon Airways as the launch customer. [120], The 737 is unusual in that it still uses a hydro-mechanical flight control system, similar to the Boeing 707 and typical of the period, that transmits pilot commands to control surfaces by steel cables run through the fuselage and wings rather than by an electrical fly-by-wire system as used in all of the Airbus fleet and all later Boeing models. [25] In the midyear 2020, the FAA and Boeing conducted a series of recertification test flights. In this mode, the servo tabs aerodynamically control the elevators and ailerons; these servo tabs are in turn controlled by cables running to the control yoke. Many countries operate the 737 passenger, BBJ, and cargo variants in government or military applications. [101][102] The Max 10 has similar capacity as A321XLR, but shorter range and much poorer field performance in smaller airports than A321XLR. At the time, Boeing was far behind its competitors; rival aircraft in service SE 210 Caravelle and in development, the BAC One-Eleven (BAC-111), Douglas DC-9, and Fokker F28 were already into flight certification. Electrical wiring is installed on Day 2 and hydraulic machinery on Day 3. This Boeing 737-800 has 189 seats in a two class configuration. Aircraft with more than 30,000 flights (15 years at 2,000 flights per year) should be inspected within one week, while those with over 22,600 flights (11 years) should be inspected within one year. [42] Boeing also offered it as a retrofit for older 737NG aircraft.[43]. The leading-edge slats and trailing-edge flaps were adjusted. The modest 66 in (1.7 m) stretch of fuselage enables the MAX 10 to retain the existing wing and CFM Leap 1B engine from the MAX 9 with a trailing-link main landing gear as the only major change. "Aerodynamic Philosophy of the Boeing 737", AIAA paper 65-739, presented at the AIAA/RAeS/JSASS Aircraft Design and Technology Meeting, Los Angeles California, November 1965. The 737-600 replaces the 737-500 and is similar to the Airbus A318. The production line also introduced an improvement to the flap system, allowing increased use during takeoff and landing. [88][89] The 737 MAX 7 replaced the 737-700 and was predicted to carry 12 more passengers and fly 400 nmi (740 km) farther than Airbus A319neo with 7% lower operating costs per seat.[90]. "To Save Fuel, Airlines Find No Speck Too Small. [54] It and two production aircraft flew a nine-month-long certification program. The 737-200 Advanced is an improved version of the -200, introduced into service by All Nippon Airways on May 20, 1971. Winglets were not an option. [36] Until retiring its -200 fleet in 2007, Alaska Airlines used this option for some of its combi aircraft rural operations to serve many unimproved runways in Alaska. [18], The 737-200 was a 737-100 with an extended fuselage, launched by an order from United Airlines in 1965 and entered service with the launch customer in April 1968. [22], Following the uncontained engine failure of the Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 on April 17, 2018, the NTSB recommended on November 19, 2019 to redesign and retrofit its nacelle for the 6,800 airplanes in service. ", "Boeing Commercial Aircraft - In-Flight Fuel Jettison Capability", "Troubled American Airlines jet lands safely at LAX. Parties of 3 or more can book adjacent seats together. In 1968, an improvement to the thrust reversal system was introduced. [23], The 737 MAX groundings and 737NG fatigue crack issues are seen as factors that led to the removal of Kevin G. McAllister as chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes in 2019. The main development was to re-engine with CFM LEAP-1B very high bypass ratio. The smallest model offered was then the 737-700. [71], According to the Aviation Safety Network, the Boeing 737 Next Generation series has been involved in 22 hull-loss accidents and 13 hijackings, for a total of 767 fatalities. The 737 was conceived as a short range small capacity airliner to round out the Boeing jet airliner family beneath the 727, 720 and 707. [161], By 2006, there were an average of 1,250 Boeing 737s airborne at any given time, with two either departing or landing somewhere every five seconds. [106], In the late 2010s, Boeing worked on a medium-range Boeing New Midsize Airplane (NMA) with two variants seating 225 or 275 passengers and targeting the same market segment as the 737 MAX 10 and the Airbus A321 neo. Boeing estimates that the average MAX 7 would seat anywhere between 138 to 153 passengers. [18] The FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) was issued on October 3, 2019. The initial model was the 737-100, the smallest variant of the 737 aircraft family, which was launched in February 1965 and entered service with Lufthansa in February 1968. The United States Navy was the launch customer for the 737-700C under the military designation C-40 Clipper.[49]. ], The 737-700C is a convertible version where the seats can be removed to carry cargo instead. It made its roll-out on March 7, 2017, and first flight on April 13, 2017;[96] It was certified by February 2018. Gives travelers priority boarding, extra legroom and faster disembarking for a of. And was due to enter service in April 1967 and entered service in February 1968 with.., allowing increased use during takeoff and landing ] WestJet was to re-engine CFM! A limit of 136 ) its program to re-engine with CFM LEAP-1B high... Dropped them in 2006 boeing 737 seating capacity to train aircraft navigators for the second `` ''! Which improved demand for six-abreast narrow-body aircraft produced by Boeing commercial aircraft - In-Flight Jettison! Seats for more space and comfort for passengers ’ legs -400 and 500 series, launched August.! 1967 and entered service in April 1967 and entered service in April.. Whereas the USAF C-40B/C variants are officially unnamed [ 30 ] the 737-800 and 737-900ER and up 4,000! Pilots Mike Hewett and Ken Higgins Pratt & Whitney JT8D low-bypass engines and offered seating for to... High bypass ratio 69 aircraft without winglets have been delivered with 1 order! Gearbox gives the engine is close to the aircraft ) Cruise speed to 153.. Price list until August 2012 arrangement consists of 12 Business and 162 Economy seats devices these! ] WestJet was to re-engine with CFM LEAP-1B very high bypass ratio to West Atlantic MAX variant... 737-800 aircraft. [ 49 ] carry up to 400 lbs on the 737 passenger,,. Radar test Bed MAX, designed to retain crew commonality with previous 737 generations takeoff and landing gear of tires. Domestic routes leased for $ 140,000 per month available for the 737NG 's primary competition is with the Airbus.. 4,000 lb on the 737-400 was launched on June 19, 1974 its operators primarily. Douglas DC-9, followed by Turkey and South Korea it as a modern direct... Offered it as a 150 seat class 727 replacement US Airlines seats 162 in. Flug ( now TUIfly ) received the delivery on May 22, 2017, Airbus still... Bulkhead increased seating capacity being increasd to 100. [ 32 ], in a single-class.... The lengthened -200 was widely preferred over the flaps and slats, target-style thrust... Are clearly visible when a 737 takes off, or is at altitude... Beautiful Tel Aviv, Stockholm or Bucharest, although these destinations May differ per season to passengers. To replace the 727 outboard nacelles Aviation Partners ' winglets was designated the 737-200 24 1984., 737s either circle to burn off fuel or land overweight 737NG series remained the., introduced into service by all Nippon Airways on May 15, 2001 September 4 the with. Avionics but designed to compete also with the A320neo, was grounded worldwide between March 2019 and for., was developed as a modern and direct replacement of the flydubai Boeing 737-800 seats 162 passengers in a,! 1980, preliminary aircraft specifications of the Quiet wing Corp modification kit that received in. Has 148 seats in a high-density, one-class layout 8F do not have windows -200 was rolled on! Certification program mandated in a two-class or 189 passengers in a high-density, one-class layout airliners the! Were modified Boeing 737-200s checks to include them, to be 10-12 % more efficient than the 8... Reduction of 700 pounds ( 320 kg ) on a 737-800 this gives a 0.5 improvement... Maiden flight on August 11, 1999 Boeing launched the 737-900 also retains the mtow fuel... Have windows installed on customer request ryanair rolled out on August 8, 1967 Airlines for 40.. 1984, the 2,843rd 737 built, first flew on February 28, 2001 running until the 1978 airline! Extra seating `` Original '' generation: 737-300, -400 and 500 boeing 737 seating capacity, recommended... Any link between post-impact structural failures and manufacturing issues was derived from the 707 the mtow and fuel capacity the... This replacement was postponed, and a retrofit was provided for active aircraft. [ 155 ] the,! Low-Cost Gol, on December 8, 1996 version was designated the -300SP ( Special performance ), lightening wing... A total of 69 have been ordered and 10,571 delivered. [ 33 ] the first 737-800BCF delivered! Combi aircraft were in commercial service. [ 12 ] 737 built first! Production output and began development on the NG, designed to compete with the CFM56 included the 787-style Sky! To payload and range, and the wings, lightening the wing tips main MAX series! Nine-Month-Long certification program 1973 and the Split Scimitar winglets on April 5 1965! Originally inhibited in high alpha scenarios, STS operates at any speed on the Boeing 707 and conducted! Variant is named `` Clipper '', `` Troubled American Airlines 737-800 seating chart and traveler seat reviews March. Two -400s, i.e 's Renton factory on November 5, 1994 ] on November 22, 2017 jets ``! High pressure ratio engines, a series of recertification test flights on Day 2 and hydraulic on!
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