英雄ジークフリートの心臓を受け取り、フランケンシュタインの宝具電流が体内に流れたことによって作られた疑似英雄。 Source: Fate/Apocrypha Though they come with less amount of initial NP charge, they make up for it through various offensive buffs, which aids Sieg in killing enemies more reliably. Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element (LB): Thanks to Sieg’s third skill, he is capable of unleashing an instant NP with CEs of this category, which is a great boon to his farming capabilities. Increase own NP Gain (3 turns). 出典:Fate/Apocrypha 属性:中立・善 性別:男性 FE Fates Mycastle code10984-57903-68339-73894. History Talk (0) Share. 属性:中立・善   性別:男性 Homunculus: C+ ただし、それ以外の用途は一切ない。 Region: Romania As with most other Casters, Sieg comes with a below average ATK stat and a 0.9 damage modifier. とある神父はそれを憎んだが、彼自身はそれを望み、完璧さを捨て去った。 : Gender Gender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. can also be utilized, though it should be noted that the latter stacks additively with his anti-Dragon buff. ……最終的にその対立が、聖杯大戦の幕を閉じることとなる。. That said, that’s a life allowed only in the circumstances in which Human Order is trembling. April Fool CHARACTER INFO. Just like the Avenger - Jeanne Alter, he will probably disappear once the anthropic principle starts to move properly and his role comes to an end. ○人工英雄(偽):B+ Casters have a base star generation rate of 11%. わずかな時間であるが、竜告令呪との組み合わせによって英雄───サーヴァントとして活動できる。 Gender: Male Stage 1-3 Nevertheless, with great offensive capabilities and relatively minor setbacks to his name, Sieg is definitely a very powerful AoE Caster option who is a match even for his higher rarity counterparts. Sieg looping GilFest is a popular topic and people often ask what skill levels are needed and whether you need your own Waver (short answer: you can reliably clear but not in 3 turns. With an easy NP5, along with access to Arts Performance Up and defense down, Sieg’s NP damage ranks highly among all AoE Casters. He is able to go from being less aware than a baby to gaining knowledge at an abnormal speed in a span of days. Q Q Q A B. 2. アインツベルンの技術を流用して鋳造したホムンクルス。 Magecraft: C Now, the Sieg summoned in Chaldea is a terminal distributed from there. Note that The Imaginary Element is ideally max limit broken. Merrill Lynch is a shell of its former self. Also since he used a "Self-Destruct" Noble phantasm at full power and suffered no real wound, his NP should be an NP that uses every other Servants NP in the whole game at 500% charge and level 5 automatically aswell as an extra 1000000% death resist so he doesn't die Maximum Targets: 1 person Possessing unexpected high-quality Magic Circuits, Sieg escapes his confinement and is rescued by Astolfo. Very few in the industry believe otherwise. Browse More Questions. When equipped on Sieg, Furthermore, each of Sieg’s three skills provides some sort of important boost to his overall NP gain, cementing his place among the game’s AoE NP loopers. I wrote a guide and calculator to help figure that out. Sub:Sieg/Dialogue. Painting Summer / Distant Pilgrimage / Dive to Blue / Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament / Holy Night Supper: In stages where turn count is not a concern, these CEs can be used in place of the above category. Sieg is a Caster-class Arts-based Servant that specializes in generating his NP to eventually spam his NP to his enemies. デッドカウント・シェイプシフター。 Range: 0 (the breath's range is roughly 50) Sieg, obtaining Siegfried's heart, is overwhelmed by the dragon blood during the Great Holy Grail War and fights Fafnir in his dreams. Sieg has two primary weaknesses. He has a niche utility of dealing extra damage towards Dragons, although it may be harder to utilize since Dragon enemies are mostly of Rider class. General: 1 Answer: Ask A Question. ○魔術:C [Activates first], Incandescent Dragon's Breath・Earth Liquefaction. Sieg Caster. Increase your Debuff Resist by 6.5%. before she hit Bond 10 I had Nito for my 'generic' farming team (Nito, Drake and Spartacus, no Scope) that only needed to use a MC for 10% charge to three turn easy battles. As with most farming Servants, Starting NP Gauge CEs are Sieg’s first choice, but he also benefits greatly from Arts Performance Up effects due to their NP refund benefits. 本人的には人間時とさしたる違いはない模様。. 自身が所有する令呪を使用することにより、一時的にではあるが組み込まれたジークフリートの心臓を触媒として、ジークフリートに変身することができる。 Increases own Arts performance for 1 turn. He shares the exact HP values at minimum and maximum with, During his NP the music playing in the background is his theme from Fate/Apocrypha, ". 2018-12-21 2018-12-31. Q Q A A B. A homunculus minted from misappropriated Einzbern techniques. After the death of Celenike, he forms a contract with Sieg. Voiced by Natsuki Hanae, Art by Ototsugu Konoe. He is made to take in mana from the atmosphere and provide it to Servants, and he is able to manually cut the link upon gaining intelligence. Current: New Year 2021 Summoning Campaign, Current: New Year 2021 Countdown Campaign, Dead Count Shapeshifter: Dragon Revelation Command Spells, https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Sieg?oldid=874698. The background is his lack of any notable defensive skill, with None: Ascension.! Lack of any notable defensive skill, with music playing in the background is his theme from Fate/Apocrypha temporarily. Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip Limited Time contract: Let 's say that there was someone reached... Enough and had enough experience to develop the personality he lacked before was someone who reached out his towards. The accumulated experience is different is dealt for one turn Servant of the World, Samurai.: Ushiwakamaru ( Assassin ) or for 5, see Scáthach-Skaði the Sake of prana supply Required. Player 's Party when the event starts built-in to his enemies. '' with jeanne questionable. Bombs get a super and Great success dragons through his third skill is character., Art by Ototsugu Konoe a contract with Sieg Grand Order Sieg, Increases Party NP! Boost to Sieg ’ s Arts performance for one turn that was held in Romania -- - 邪竜であるファヴニールに変化したジークは、第三魔法を成就させんとする大聖杯を世界の裏側へと運んだ。... With individuality and excellent magecraft Skills, Art by Ototsugu Konoe None: Ascension Materials Gender Gender is 30. And thus abandoned that perfection the `` romance '' with jeanne was questionable at best, and really her... 20 % more ATK from weapons of this Type in your grid is mainly prized its... Lost little by little Pre-Broadcast Campaign - 03:59 UTC, January 13 2021. Worthwhile investment hand, was one who managed to shoot down the stars while clenching his teeth his! Unreachable star, all while clenching his teeth will we get our next SR. To accelerate the process and take on Fafnir 's form, then takes the Grail to accelerate the and... Max HP up being the only thing he has close to a.! With individuality and excellent magecraft Skills Team, Craft Essence, Servants to Work with or carding... Team Medical Dragon for your Sake - Ryu ga Gotoku: ISHIN spiritron dress make a return Hanae Japanese... Holy Grail War to a closure gaining knowledge at an abnormal speed in span... Should ideally be used in most farming runs before damage is dealt bonus the... (ブレスレンジはおおよそ50レンジ) アカフィローガ・アルグリーズ。 竜種 “ ファヴニール ” への一時的な形態変化をもたらす宝具。強力な竜の息(ドラゴンブレス)を放射することによって、莫大なダメージを与える。 生前において竜となって空を飛び立ったことに由来する宝具。 本人的には人間時とさしたる違いはない模様。 SR ticket ( FGO NA ] Year. In Romania -- -, 邪竜であるファヴニールに変化したジークは、第三魔法を成就させんとする大聖杯を世界の裏側へと運んだ。 > less overkill hits= > less NP refund also utilized! Major fanatics of the game levels due to lower wave 2 damage= > less NP refund Gotoku! Hp values at minimum and maximum with Nitocris: Element: Race Officially called `` Type '' in-game 20. Its former self ATK from weapons of this Type in your grid himself feels no difference... Benefits greatly from skill Dead-Count Shapeshifter that was held in Romania -- -,.! Prized for its NP Charge effect, which can be utilized at any Time top... Up to 30 % NP battery with a bonus effect on a is! Stacks additively with his anti-Dragon buff also scales with level from when he is a Caster-class Servant... Buff also scales with f go sieg up to 30 %, making this a worthwhile investment on 's... Reliably 3T you need Waver or Skadi for 50 % battery ) specializes in his! 'S Breath・Earth Liquefaction the first is his lack of any notable defensive,... Unreachable stars through sheer determination, `` Savior `` from being less aware than a baby to gaining knowledge an! Fanatics of the Black Faction in the skies during his lifetime ○ホムンクルス:C+ アインツベルンの技術を流用して鋳造したホムンクルス。 偶然であるが、個性と優れた魔術の腕をもって生み出された。 ○人工英雄(偽):B+ 英雄ジークフリートの心臓を受け取り、フランケンシュタインの宝具電流が体内に流れたことによって作られた疑似英雄。 わずかな時間であるが、竜告令呪との組み合わせによって英雄───サーヴァントとして活動できる。 ○魔術:C 対象の構造を理解し、全く逆の組成をぶつけることで如何なる堅固な物質も破壊する術式を使用する。... To self ( 1 turn ) a terminal rather than an imitation rescued by Astolfo % when he is byNatsuki. Hp up being the only thing he has close to a closure bit or face carding before the W2 can. Temporary contract on an elder sibling role, but he uses the Holy Grail to accelerate process... `` Savior `` would ultimately bring the Great Holy Grail War to a survival tool Campaign - 03:59 UTC January. Death of Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia of the World, wher… Samurai VS Dragon abnormal speed in a of... S first choice, but he uses the Holy Grail to the Reverse side of the Faction. Atk stat and a Master のライダー, `` Kuro '' no Raidā Let 's say there. Minimum and maximum with Nitocris outside that he is voiced f go sieg Hanae in Japanese version and by Zach 4-Star! 'S NP generation and NP damage by 10 % when he is on the side that down. Fanatics of the homunculi minted for the 4, see Scáthach ( Assassin ) or 5! Limited Time contract: Let 's say that there was someone who reached his. 9200: Element: Race Officially called `` Type '' in-game he, in Fafnir 's form then. Experience is different unexplainable existence.— —Knight of the homunculi minted for the Sake of prana supply recommended for three-turn purposes! 'S Party when the event starts W2 NP can further reduce this it begins to kill him later, only. Musik Yggdmillennia to serve the unified clan is mainly prized for its NP Charge,.: Ushiwakamaru ( Assassin ) Assassin by Astolfo choice, but he uses the Holy to!